Setting up your own quiet business?

Now, what ever you aspire to, you are in the focus of businesses yourself allready. There are authors to put up their books for sale and coaches as well as trainers to offer their generous help. So, you might want to check out some links – just to learn from them. Some others have been mentioned here somewhere before.

Here is Tanja Gardner who claims to be capable of telling you as an introvert how to promote yourself and/or your offerings online easily and authentically, without the energy drain and in your own time:

And then have a look at Julia Barnickle’s „quiet entrepreneur“ presenting mindset and marketing for introverts in business by focussing on „Ryan’s Roles“ – whoever Ryan is. You’ll find out and give me your opinion, if you like:

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2 comments on “Setting up your own quiet business?
  1. Thank you for mentioning my article! For your information, Ryan Lee is an internet marketer, and he created a very useful infographic to show three types of business roles. In my article, I wanted to show that introverts can adopt any of the three roles in their business. Wishing you all the best with your blog!

    • KjuSea sagt:

      Perfect, thanks 🙂
      I’m having lots of fun allready and was glad to find something about your work. By the way: how can your (Ryan’s) roles be connected with the Myers-Briggs- typologie?

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